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NGO Registration

NGO is the group, organisation and institution of people who are dedicated to social development service work with volunteering spirit and without gaining any profit or without any commercial objective. NGO are private and completely independent from the Government but work as the Governments work for welfare of society and the different relevant sectors on humanitarian cooperative base. So NGO is known as Non Government Organisation. NGO is universally known as charitable association that mobilize private and Government added funds for development. So NGO is also known as NPO means Non Profit Organisation. The community organisation, association and citizen group that are associated and want to work for development, to raise awareness and influence social welfare policy so they require to register as NGO. So the NGO Registration is necessary. And a registered NGO is recognised as managed organisation to work in different social work in any sector.

NGO Registration Process

To work as status of organisation in social sector and society the group of the social workers and social activists have to form and register Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) or Non Profit Organisation (NPO) or Voluntary Organisation (VO) or Social Organisation. Registration is required for the social groups of  social activists and volunteers to work as NGO/NPO and to get funding, to be able to get funding and make expenditure of grants for their programmes, projects and activities in all over the world and in India where they want to work.
Different countries including India have different rules and laws to form and register NGO or NPO in various sectors and jurisdictions. NGO registration is basic and initial requirement to form and run the social organisation as NGO, NPO or VO. If anybody want to register NGO in India there are different rules, regulations, parameters and laws applicable according to the different applicable jurisdiction, states and sectors where the volunteers and social activists want to form the NGO.

NGO Formation Process

The NGO can be registered as a form of social establishment for social entrepreneurship, social work, charitable work and charity tasks in different laws and forms as mentioned below:

  • Trust Registration
  • Society Registration
  • Non Profit Company Registration

NGOs can be in various different formation and types as Societies, Trusts and Non Profit Companies, depending upon the registration processes and types, but all kind of NGOs are in similar status to work as a social and Voluntary Non Profit Organisation (NGO/NPO). All kind of NGOs that are Societies or trusts or Companies have similar status to get financial grants, funds and gain other support from all kind of resources including Government Ministries and other private Funding agencies.

After Registration to form the social establishment or social organisation as NGO, there are also few more different requirements of Registration and Authorisation from various Government Ministries, Government Departments and Other Authorities. The registrations and authorisations are necessary under Income Tax Act for the Tax or the Tax Exemption on income that NGO is getting by funding, donation and expenditure on programmes. To get grants from abroad as foreign funding in India registration of NGO under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) is also required. And as a operation and management of establishment NGOs have to register them into various other laws and rules as per the requirement of the standards and needs.

NGO Registration required under differnet sectors

  • Income Tax Registration for NGO
    • Registration of NGO Under 80 G of Income Tax Act of India.
    • Registration of NGO Under 12 A of Income Tax Act of India.
    • Registration of NGO Under 35 AC, 35 AC 1,2 and other sections of Income Tax Act of India.
  • FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) Registration of NGO.
    • Permanent Registration under FCRA to get Donation and Funding from foreign sources.
    • Registration for temporary prior permission under Foreign Contribution  Regulation Act (FCRA).
  • Registration of NGO in various required Department and Ministries of Government of India.

NGO Registration

NGO Registration process and laws in India are different and same in different states, union territories and at national level. NGO can be registerd through any applicable law as Trust, as Society or as Company in India. Any kind NGO that is a Trust or Society known as NGO.
Registration are of two types according to regional base and many types according to applicable laws and at concerned state level in India. So before registering the NGO, laws and the criteria or regional or national level status and limitations and facilities in different states and union territories must be identified and understand. NGO can be registered in any process but to maintain and operate the NGO is similar to any kind of entrepreneur, that means management have to manage and arrange funds to run it actively.

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Trust Registration

NGO can be registered as a Trust under Indian Trust Act. Trust Registration for NGO under Indian trust Act is applicable at national level and state level. It is same, with some difference or almost similar in different states and union territories of India.

If any Orgaisation is registered as Trust is known as NGO. Trusts can equally get funding from various sources including Ministries of Government of India as Societies are able to get funds. Registration and management of NGO as a Trust is easy from other registration process and status of NGOs. NGO registered as Trust is applicable equally for social work and to get donation at any level but for some certain criteria and officials need in some different states the Trust is equal to society but in some states Society is required for educational institutions, schools, colleges and Universities.

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Society Registration

NGO can be registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 as society. Societies Registration Act is different in different states and union territories. The registration process and parameters are some different in different states.

Status of the NGO as society can be different when it is registered in particular state or registered in Delhi the Union Territory and capital of India. Societies registered in a particular state is known as state level society. All India national level society can be registered from national capital Delhi under Societies Registration Act, 1860. For registration of national level NGO as society there must be eight different persons from all different states of India. In Maharashtra Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 is applicable to register Non Governmental Organisation.

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Income Tax Registration – NGO

NGO, company or any individual making financial transaction in India have to submit Income Tax returns. If NGO wants to get funding or certain other required registration then the NGO must submit Income Tax Returns. Annual audit of income is necessary in all cases.

If NGO wants tax Exemption at  the money deposited in accounts then Income Tax Registration for NGO under 12A of Income Tax Act is necessary. If the NGO wants to provide Tax Exemption to its donors then NGO has to be registered under 80 G and/or 35 AC of Income Tax Act. Donors can get more than 100% tax exemption if they provide donation to an NGO with 35 AC certificate of IT Act.

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FCRA Registration – NGO

If Non Profit Organisation wants to get funding from abroad and foreign funding agencies, philanthropy groups, companies or individual donors then NGO must have to be registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) from Home Ministry of Government of India.

The NGO registration under FCRA is necessary to get foreign funds from abroad. NGOs must have to open different accounts for the foreign money transactions. NGO can get permanent registration under FCRA after 3 years if it has turnover of 10 Lacs Rupees in last 3 years. Before that NGO can get temporary FCRA Registration also to get funds from one person or organisation.

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Other Registrations for NGO

NGO is to be registered under various other authorities for various applicable requirements if that is required in certain conditions. To get support and funding from government or other authorities or any other performance there are certain rules and laws applicable to register NGO in certain process. If the NGO is involved in any kind of services or products then it has to follow all the rules and regulation including applicable registrations like for other companies or individuals.

If NGO wants to get funds or support for certain groups or category like physically challenged persons or for Cow shelter homes etc. then it has to be registered with that criteria depends upon the parameters.

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NGO registration laws, processes and rules are different in different states and sectors so if anybody wants to run, operate and manage NGO then it must be registered and after registration there are many other requirements to maintain and update the various kinds of registration. So register and maintain the registration the groups and members of the NGO have to take suitable knowledge and advisory or consulting service so they can better run and manage to achieve the target and fulfill the mission.

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Registrations for NGO

NGO Registration

  • Trust Registration
  • Society Registration
  • Non Profit Company Registration
  • NGO Registration Acts
  • NGO Registration Process
  • Requirements for Registration
  • NGO Management

Income Tax Registration

  • 12A Registration
  • 80G Registration
  • 35AC Registration
  • PAN Card
  • Income Tax Returns

Income Tax - Accounts

  • Income Tax Returns
  • Annual Returns
  • Audit Reports
  • Balance Sheet
  • Accounting
  • Utilization Certificate

FCRA for Foreign Fund

  • FCRA Registration
  • Temporary FCRA
  • Prior FCRA Permission
  • FCRA Returns

NGO Documentation 

  • NGO Project Writing 
  • NGO Project Proposal
  • Annual Reports
  • Case Studies
  • Impact Assesment
  • Achievememt Reports
  • Future Perpectives
  • Presentation
  • NGO Profile
  • Evaluation Report
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